I’m Sorry

I am a part of a glorious time. We have access to what seems to be endless knowledge, we have some of the coolest technology, we have so many genres of music, we have so much; and yet, nothing at all.

Especially my generation, and even more so the average teenage girl.

Now, I am half average teenage girl, I still like to think I am not one of them. ūüėČ

But being apart of this generation is rough, and I sometimes hate this generation. Other times I feel bad for it. This post isn’t about how much I think we have already failed 2015, and how I am pretty upset at what people are going to remember us for…*yay twerking* ūüė¶ No, this post is an apology to ¬†the teenage girls of this generation, not an apology for something I have done, but an¬†apology for what society has done, and what society has said we are, and what they have made us.

Dear Girls,

First off, if you are twelve you are not a teenager. You have to be thirTEEN to pass as a teen. Notice twelve isn’t twoteen, twelveteen…no, it’s twelve, you are still a kid so enjoy that. Okay. Don’t take it for granted. You think being a teen is so great? It has it’s moments, but being twelve you still get away with childish things, so use that to your power! Okay, enough about the twelve year old’s…

Dear *teen* girls,

I am sorry that you think you are not beautiful. This world has a facade of what  beauty is. But beauty cannot be defined in one way, beauty is different to every person.
Some people see beauty in a rose, and others find the beauty in a dandelion.
I would rather be a dandelion, sure maybe not everybody would find me captivating, but I would know that the people that look upon me truly appreciate me for who I am.
But don’t feel bad if you are a rose, just don’t be a thorny one that hurts those that appreciate you, and I think the world will be a beautiful place.

I am sorry that you don’t¬†know true love. But I pray you do.
You see, love isn’t imagining what it would be like to date a member of your favorite band, or any of the MagCon boys, or any other boy you might be “obsessed” with.
It isn’t wondering what it would be like to have him kiss you, or…you know.
Because let’ face reality, is Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings, Shawn Mendes, or Cameron Dallas really going to marry you? Should we spend our time becoming obsessed, and sexually attracted to a boy¬†that will never be with us? No and No.
As girls, we naturally wonder who are husbands will be, and what they will be like. We naturally think about what it’ll be like to be a wife. But in this world, we have somehow found a way to try to make ourselves feel secure in the arms of a boy¬†that is a million miles away, we try finding affection from a boy that says, “I love you” to a million other girls. We naturally get caught up in the chaos of young love,from the moment we heard them sing in our ears, or win our hearts in a six second video because your life might have been rough, but he made you laugh, feel beautiful, and feel an artificial love.
These guys might be nice in real life, you don’t know half the time, because the other half you have filled your heart with false expectations of who he is.
But this, this isn’t love. Love isn’t that one boy at school that says he loves you, but wants you to “show” him that you love him. You shouldn’t have to prove your love.
Love isn’t found in pictures or in bed, love isn’t some facade we have created in our heads. And I am so sorry that this is what you perceive¬†it as. Over the generations we have formed a selfish mindset, and I sadly see parents so self-absorbed that they didn’t care about their child, never bothered to tell their daughter she is beautiful.
Home…a place where you should learn what love is, is torn and tattered. The girl just wanting to feel wanted, even needed….so she tries to find love, to feel wanted either through a boy that doesn’t know she exists, or a boy that wants to use her.
But girls, I promise, there are nice guys. A guy that will show you true love, a love that won’t hurt you, a love that won’t take unless given to, a love that is pure, and lovely. A two way love, not just you and a wishful thinking fantasy, but a guy that loves you too. I am sorry that you feel that you have to give yourself away, for a half way love. I am sorry you don’t know what love is and maybe you never have.
But I hope someday you can say “I love you”, and he will say, “I love you ,too.”

I’m sorry that you live in a time where girls just don’t know how to be nice to other girls.
I’m sorry that every day is a competition.
I’m sorry that some days you feel like ending your life because you don’t meet up to society’s standards. But when society said, “be yourself” they didn’t’ realize there was somebody so unique, so creative, beautiful, funny, smart, kind, and compassionate, they didn’t realize somebody like YOU existed, and truth is…they all got jealous of you. Because¬†when they went to be themselves they all ended up like everybody else.

I am sorry. Simply because this world we live in isn’t real.

We’ve created a world that caters to one kind of teenage girl.
The Ugg wearing, Starbucks drinking, One Direction listening, messy bun wearing, obsessed with everything, girl.
And truth is…somebody thought it was so cute to be that kind of girl…¬†We thought that was cool so we all tried being that girl, to be apart of that world.
But that world is¬†full of false beauty, made up love, and invisible boundaries of who you should be.¬†I’m sorry that we live in a world where we can get everything we want when we want. And we have unrealistic expectations of what we deserve.I’m sorry that you can’t just like something anymore but you, “Literally die because you are ‘obsessed’ with it!”
This life, isn’t meant to be built of on these falsehoods.¬†Because that girl isn’t real. All of the sudden you can be imperfect…but you have to be THEIR kind of imperfect, and it’s not real.
Right now is the best time to be alive, but sadly we are caught up in taking that perfect selfie that we miss opportunities. I’m sorry you hide who are to look like everybody else. I wish you would be you. Because that dorky laugh, the freckles on your nose, your height, your weight, your acne, the way your hair never looks the same way twice, the way you sing, paint, dance, invent things, run, cheer, play soccer,¬†¬† the way you read a thousand books, the way you get an A+, the way you gloriously fail at things we didn’t even think you could, the way you fight, and laugh at your mistakes…that’s real. That’s you. That’s truly perfectly imperfect, and that’s okay.
Because I would rather live in a world with real imperfect girls, than in a world of the same kind of fake perfect girls.  

I’m sorry that this is the world we have created. And I hope we can change it. I hope you see you are beautiful, I hope you find real love, and find who you really are.
I hope you enjoy life.

And I’m sorry that you literally can’t even.


Hello, March.

So we meet again, in the cold of winter with the hope for spring.

So what do you have in store for me? Do you think we will conquer some big dreams this month, or just the little ones?

February brought me more friendships, a blog post that a lot of my friends liked, it also brought babysitting on Valentines day- in other words, February reminded me that I am still young and single. *booyah*!

(Fun fact: Booyah is a stew from Belgium.)

So what’s on the agenda? School, Writing, Music performances (two, I think), ¬†Going to a concert (Jamie Grace, ya’ll!¬†And others, too!),Hopefully going to put in some (or lots) of hours volunteering (because I like to think I am a good person ūüėČ ), and most importantly I am wanting to do a lot more bible studying!
(There is ¬†more, but nothing that is blog worthy. ūüôā )

I am *hopefully* going to blog more in March! So if you have any suggestions on blog post ideas let me know. I am trying to get a little bit of a set schedule of blogging.

So thanks lovelies!

(Lovelies looks like: Love Lies…um…okay.)

So here’s to March. Cheers! *Clinking of glasses*

It’s Time For It To End.

People are slowly starting to realize what is taking place in their communities, in their schools, what is happening right under them. But there is still a majority of people that don’t know, that don’t realize, people who are oblivious to this devastation, this, living night mare. But I, like many, have a dream to see it end. What am I talking about?

Modern Day Slavery. 

If you thought slavery ended in 1865, well, sorry…it didn’t.

* 27,000,000 men, women and children are forced into slavery. 60,100 people are trapped in slavery in the United Sates, right now. You thought slavery was only in 3rd world countries? Wrong again.
Slavery is the 2nd largest global organized crime, generating $150.2 billion¬†per a year. In case you were wondering, that’s more than the combined revenues of Amazon, Google, and Ebay every year.
Slavery exists in 167 countries around the world. That’s 85% of the nations across the globe. Nearly 1 in 5 victims of slavery is a child.¬†The average of age of a teen entering the sex trade in the US is 12-14 years old. 100,000 children are prostituted in US every year.

These are just numbers, a 27 followed by six zeros doesn’t look that big.But,¬†27,000,000 people can fit into 12 professional football stadiums, 27,000,000 is equal to the total population of Texas. So just imagine every single person in one state being enslaved.
27,000,000 people is over double the amount of people that died during the Holocaust.

It might seem impossible to end, but everything comes to end. Better sooner or later.
So what can you do to help the cause,and raise awareness? February 27th is Sine A Light on Slavery, day.
“This February 27th, join us and other Freedom Fighters from around the world as we SHINE A LIGHT ON SLAVERY. Draw a RED X on your hand and post about it on social media using #ENDITMOVEMENT. Tell your world that slavery still exists and you won‚Äôt stand for it. This is OUR TIME. This is OUR MOMENT. We believe slavery could end in our lifetime‚Ķ together we can END IT!” – ¬†End It Movement.

But there is plenty you can do year round to shine a light on modern day slavery. Check out these places…

The End It Movement

Unlikely Heroes 

Love 146

There are in fact other movements and organizations, too, but these three are three that I pray for and support. These are three of my favorite groups. Even you just telling a friend, or sharing about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere that you know people will read and see the truth, see that there are people trapped, there are people hurting, being abused and forced to work against their will, young girls and boys being sold for sex, in the years that they should be enjoying life they should be innocent, they should be free. So join the millions of people that are in it to End It. 

*Information found on the End It website, and also Unlikely Heroes.

Black and White.

I have Jewish blood, I have Polish blood, I have English, Irish, Scottish, and even a little native American blood running through me. But I am just called an American. Fun Fact: My Dad was born in England, he has dual citizenship in both America and in the UK, which also means I have dual citizenship! I sometimes consider myself more British than American, mostly because the way I have been raised. (Basically I have been raised on a steady stream of Tea and BBC.) I love embracing my¬†Jewish side (although it’s scary claiming to be a Jew at times!), my family tries to celebrate all the Jewish feasts and holidays, when I was 13 I had a Bat Mitzvah! I love the fact that I have so many different cultures and influences running through me. But when it comes down to my nationality, people don’t call me Anglo- American, I am not Jewish-American, or Polish-American, etc. I have to say, “I’m American.” ¬† I can’t get a college scholarship for the color of my skin.

Yet, if you are black- you get a special title, your own month, and scholarships.

I am not racist. AT ALL. I literally love all kinds of nationalities. But if we want racism to truly go away, we truly need to treat everyone equally. Not putting one above the other because we feel bad about how our ancestors treated their ancestors.

Let me tell you all something, a little over 150 years ago, ¬†white people had black slaves and mistreated them.¬†And we are never allowed to forget it. But just around 70 years ago, Jews were mistreated by the Nazi’s. And people forget.
Black people and myself have a little in common…and it’s not our skin color, or our blood. But it’s the fact that we have all been through something. Our past, and the stories from our ancestors makes us each who we are. But here right now we have more than that in common, we are all American.

Racism will go away the minute we stop pointing out and  making a big deal out of nothing.
If we stop treating people differently than there is nothing dividing us.  We all have different backgrounds, we all have a piece of history in our DNA, and a bit of the world flowing through us. We are all people. We are all equal.

The best thing has happened to my family. My brother has a girlfriend, she is the sweetest ¬†girl ever, she is¬†super fun to be around. We were like instant friends when we first met. She is beautiful not¬†only on the outside but on the inside. My brother said, “Isn’t she beautiful?” Me: “Yes, I have already told you she is.”
My brother pointed to her heart, “This is what is truly beautiful,” then he motioned to her face, “This was just a really nice bonus.” Why am I telling you this pretty personal bit of my life? Because my brother is white, and his girlfriend is black. They both have taught me in just the past few months, that love breaks down the barriers of racism.Love knows no colors. Sadly they will most likely get comments about this in their future, but like I said, people shouldn’t¬†judge people on what is on the outside you look at how they live their lives. To me their different colors don’t matter, what matters is that they love each other, and that they are happy together. I don’t say, “My brother has a black girlfriend.” I say, “My brother has a girlfriend.” Because color doesn’t matter, and if we would all stop making it a big deal, if we would stop treating them differently, then there is no difference between us, at all. We are all people. We are all equal.

Yes there are still the few idiots that hate other people based off the color of their skin. But if we show them that love can conquer all, then they might wise up. Just be nice to everyone you meet, and I think we will be okay.

Ten *real* Facts About being Homeschooled

I have been homeschooled since day one. The only public school I know is the one that looked really nice and fun on Disney channel. But I know that public school really isn’t that nice. I have had so many comments about being homeschooled, people have the weirdest questions, a few of my favorites:

Do you have to use a backpack?” (No.)
Do you like take a bus or something?” (Um…yeah, all the way from my bedroom to my kitchen! lol. NO.)
“So do you do “real” school work?” (No, I sit at home doing nothing. Can you feel my sarcasm? Because I am radiating it!)


So here are TEN¬†*real* facts about being home schooled…

  1. We don’t actually get up that early. “I lied…I get up a lot later than 8!”
    ¬†Out of the pure embarrassment for the actual time I get up I say a time that sounds great! When I was younger I used to get up early. But now I wake up and stay in bed until pure guilt washes over me, and stress of thinking “if I don’t start school right NOW I won’t be finished until dinner!”
  2. We are¬†jealous¬†of public school snow days.¬†And the fact they get “Presidents Day” and other odd holidays off.
    Sometimes I check the weather channel to see if the local schools are getting a day off and then I ask my mom if we can take a snow day, she always says…well…no. When I was younger we used to only have to read a book about Martin Luther King Jr. on MLKJ day. Or a book about George Washington on Presidents day…man, I miss those days.
  3. We have textbooks and notebooks…¬†we use pencils, too!
    Yes, we really have school. We sit down at the table, we read the lesson for the day, we write out our problems, and we use our brains and solve those problems! Imagine your textbook- just subtract the teacher telling you about your lesson, and imagine yourself reading your own lesson. If you have a problem, you just ask your mom or dad. We have Math, Social-Studies, English, Writing, Science, basically every class you have…we have at home!
  4. We don’t ALL have farm animals…(except that one time, we did.).
    Okay, so there seems to be a stereotypical idea going around that all homeschooled kids live one farm. No. it’s not true. Most of my life I had never even stepped one foot on a farm.But my mom had the bright ¬†idea about two years ago of getting goats and chickens…after one year we sold the goats., We still have the chickens but I actually haven’t stepped one foot in their coop. Because…well, I think chickens are weird! ¬†But not all homeschooled kids live on a farm. But thumbs up to the ones that do! ūüėČ
  5. We¬†know a¬†lot about pop-culture.¬†Most of us know who Justin Bieber is, although we wish we didn’t.
    If you look at my spotify playlist you will find, Taylor Swift, Cody Simpson, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Lorde, (maaaaybe OneDirection, but SHH)…etc. So you get the point, we understand things of “this world”. And that’s just music. We enjoy going to the movies, too. We like keeping up with Pop-Culture. Now some homeschooled kids don’t know, but don’t judge the rest of us off one kid, because we hate it when you do that.
  6. We love going out shopping in the middle of a school day.¬†Because the faces of everyone is priceless, and I NEVER get tired of the, “shouldn’t you be in school?” line! #Classic (Okay, I was being sarcastic, I do get tired of that line.)
  7. We are very social.¬†Until we’re not.
    I really enjoy meeting new people. But just like other people I have to get to know them before having to carry a complete conversation. I might be an introvert, but I have met a lot of Public Schoolers that are also introvert. So it has nothing to do with the fact that I am homeschooled. Stop asking us “How do you make friends…” A lot of ways! You would be surprised how I met some of my friends.
  8. There is in fact a difference between being “Homeschooled’, and being a “Homeschooler”. Let’s learn that difference! So being “Home-Schooled” is: Being schooled at home, or getting a home education. A “Homeschooler”, are the weirder kids we don’t like to talk about but everyone knows about and lumps us with. Thanks, Homeschoolers.
  9. We don’t always do our school work in our pajamas.¬†One time. I did that one time!
    I like getting dressed, doing my hair, and feeling great to do my school. If I am in my Pj’s I feel lazy, and I can’t stand it.
  10. Our Parents aren’t¬†brainwashing¬†us!¬†Let’s get real, here guys. That is a stupid, stupid idea.
    For real though. Just because our parents teach us at home doesn’t mean they are brainwashing us. They have told me both sides of every story. I can choose my own beliefs, and have my own Ideas. Just because we are Christian, Conservative, home schooled family, doesn’t mean we’re brainwashed. Get it? Got it? Good.Bonus…
  11. We do sometimes get our school work done before noon. And you better believe IT FEELS FANTASTIC!
    I have only had this homeschool phenomenon happen to me a few times in my life. I mean I always try to finish my school work before the school bus goes by. But those golden days I finish at 11:36 AM- I feel so proud to be a homeschooled kid!

Be jealous Public school kids. Because even though we have to put up with stupid “homeschool jokes” beings taught at home is pretty great.

Just another ordinary, typical blog.

Hello, I decided to start this blog just for fun. There isn’t any particular genres of writing on here, it might just be filled with all my scattered thoughts. ¬†My other blog is HopeInYourWord.wordpress.com it basically shows my more serious, and spiritual side. Whereas this blog will be my nerdy, slightly melancholy, not that artsy, sometimes poetical, mostly crazy me! ūüôā

I don’t consider myself a poet but¬†I¬†do see the world through words. I enjoy writing fiction and I would love to be a published author someday, perhaps that “someday” is closer than I think! But for now I have to make myself content with the little things that please me, like: coffee, books, and rainy days. I can’t live without music. I can’t imagine life without an imagination (and I have a very good one, and I still can’t imagine it!). I am basically like Anne from ‘Anne of Green Gables’. I wish I¬†could read more than I do.¬† I hope you all enjoy this blog!

Have a great day! ūüôā