Ten *real* Facts About being Homeschooled

I have been homeschooled since day one. The only public school I know is the one that looked really nice and fun on Disney channel. But I know that public school really isn’t that nice. I have had so many comments about being homeschooled, people have the weirdest questions, a few of my favorites:

Do you have to use a backpack?” (No.)
Do you like take a bus or something?” (Um…yeah, all the way from my bedroom to my kitchen! lol. NO.)
“So do you do “real” school work?” (No, I sit at home doing nothing. Can you feel my sarcasm? Because I am radiating it!)


So here are TEN *real* facts about being home schooled…

  1. We don’t actually get up that early. “I lied…I get up a lot later than 8!”
     Out of the pure embarrassment for the actual time I get up I say a time that sounds great! When I was younger I used to get up early. But now I wake up and stay in bed until pure guilt washes over me, and stress of thinking “if I don’t start school right NOW I won’t be finished until dinner!”
  2. We are jealous of public school snow days. And the fact they get “Presidents Day” and other odd holidays off.
    Sometimes I check the weather channel to see if the local schools are getting a day off and then I ask my mom if we can take a snow day, she always says…well…no. When I was younger we used to only have to read a book about Martin Luther King Jr. on MLKJ day. Or a book about George Washington on Presidents day…man, I miss those days.
  3. We have textbooks and notebooks… we use pencils, too!
    Yes, we really have school. We sit down at the table, we read the lesson for the day, we write out our problems, and we use our brains and solve those problems! Imagine your textbook- just subtract the teacher telling you about your lesson, and imagine yourself reading your own lesson. If you have a problem, you just ask your mom or dad. We have Math, Social-Studies, English, Writing, Science, basically every class you have…we have at home!
  4. We don’t ALL have farm animals…(except that one time, we did.).
    Okay, so there seems to be a stereotypical idea going around that all homeschooled kids live one farm. No. it’s not true. Most of my life I had never even stepped one foot on a farm.But my mom had the bright  idea about two years ago of getting goats and chickens…after one year we sold the goats., We still have the chickens but I actually haven’t stepped one foot in their coop. Because…well, I think chickens are weird!  But not all homeschooled kids live on a farm. But thumbs up to the ones that do! 😉
  5. We know a lot about pop-culture. Most of us know who Justin Bieber is, although we wish we didn’t.
    If you look at my spotify playlist you will find, Taylor Swift, Cody Simpson, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Lorde, (maaaaybe OneDirection, but SHH)…etc. So you get the point, we understand things of “this world”. And that’s just music. We enjoy going to the movies, too. We like keeping up with Pop-Culture. Now some homeschooled kids don’t know, but don’t judge the rest of us off one kid, because we hate it when you do that.
  6. We love going out shopping in the middle of a school day. Because the faces of everyone is priceless, and I NEVER get tired of the, “shouldn’t you be in school?” line! #Classic (Okay, I was being sarcastic, I do get tired of that line.)
  7. We are very social. Until we’re not.
    I really enjoy meeting new people. But just like other people I have to get to know them before having to carry a complete conversation. I might be an introvert, but I have met a lot of Public Schoolers that are also introvert. So it has nothing to do with the fact that I am homeschooled. Stop asking us “How do you make friends…” A lot of ways! You would be surprised how I met some of my friends.
  8. There is in fact a difference between being “Homeschooled’, and being a “Homeschooler”. Let’s learn that difference! So being “Home-Schooled” is: Being schooled at home, or getting a home education. A “Homeschooler”, are the weirder kids we don’t like to talk about but everyone knows about and lumps us with. Thanks, Homeschoolers.
  9. We don’t always do our school work in our pajamas. One time. I did that one time!
    I like getting dressed, doing my hair, and feeling great to do my school. If I am in my Pj’s I feel lazy, and I can’t stand it.
  10. Our Parents aren’t brainwashing us! Let’s get real, here guys. That is a stupid, stupid idea.
    For real though. Just because our parents teach us at home doesn’t mean they are brainwashing us. They have told me both sides of every story. I can choose my own beliefs, and have my own Ideas. Just because we are Christian, Conservative, home schooled family, doesn’t mean we’re brainwashed. Get it? Got it? Good.Bonus…
  11. We do sometimes get our school work done before noon. And you better believe IT FEELS FANTASTIC!
    I have only had this homeschool phenomenon happen to me a few times in my life. I mean I always try to finish my school work before the school bus goes by. But those golden days I finish at 11:36 AM- I feel so proud to be a homeschooled kid!

Be jealous Public school kids. Because even though we have to put up with stupid “homeschool jokes” beings taught at home is pretty great.


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