Black and White.

I have Jewish blood, I have Polish blood, I have English, Irish, Scottish, and even a little native American blood running through me. But I am just called an American. Fun Fact: My Dad was born in England, he has dual citizenship in both America and in the UK, which also means I have dual citizenship! I sometimes consider myself more British than American, mostly because the way I have been raised. (Basically I have been raised on a steady stream of Tea and BBC.) I love embracing my Jewish side (although it’s scary claiming to be a Jew at times!), my family tries to celebrate all the Jewish feasts and holidays, when I was 13 I had a Bat Mitzvah! I love the fact that I have so many different cultures and influences running through me. But when it comes down to my nationality, people don’t call me Anglo- American, I am not Jewish-American, or Polish-American, etc. I have to say, “I’m American.”   I can’t get a college scholarship for the color of my skin.

Yet, if you are black- you get a special title, your own month, and scholarships.

I am not racist. AT ALL. I literally love all kinds of nationalities. But if we want racism to truly go away, we truly need to treat everyone equally. Not putting one above the other because we feel bad about how our ancestors treated their ancestors.

Let me tell you all something, a little over 150 years ago,  white people had black slaves and mistreated them. And we are never allowed to forget it. But just around 70 years ago, Jews were mistreated by the Nazi’s. And people forget.
Black people and myself have a little in common…and it’s not our skin color, or our blood. But it’s the fact that we have all been through something. Our past, and the stories from our ancestors makes us each who we are. But here right now we have more than that in common, we are all American.

Racism will go away the minute we stop pointing out and  making a big deal out of nothing.
If we stop treating people differently than there is nothing dividing us.  We all have different backgrounds, we all have a piece of history in our DNA, and a bit of the world flowing through us. We are all people. We are all equal.

The best thing has happened to my family. My brother has a girlfriend, she is the sweetest  girl ever, she is super fun to be around. We were like instant friends when we first met. She is beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside. My brother said, “Isn’t she beautiful?” Me: “Yes, I have already told you she is.”
My brother pointed to her heart, “This is what is truly beautiful,” then he motioned to her face, “This was just a really nice bonus.” Why am I telling you this pretty personal bit of my life? Because my brother is white, and his girlfriend is black. They both have taught me in just the past few months, that love breaks down the barriers of racism.Love knows no colors. Sadly they will most likely get comments about this in their future, but like I said, people shouldn’t judge people on what is on the outside you look at how they live their lives. To me their different colors don’t matter, what matters is that they love each other, and that they are happy together. I don’t say, “My brother has a black girlfriend.” I say, “My brother has a girlfriend.” Because color doesn’t matter, and if we would all stop making it a big deal, if we would stop treating them differently, then there is no difference between us, at all. We are all people. We are all equal.

Yes there are still the few idiots that hate other people based off the color of their skin. But if we show them that love can conquer all, then they might wise up. Just be nice to everyone you meet, and I think we will be okay.


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