I’m Sorry

I am a part of a glorious time. We have access to what seems to be endless knowledge, we have some of the coolest technology, we have so many genres of music, we have so much; and yet, nothing at all.

Especially my generation, and even more so the average teenage girl.

Now, I am half average teenage girl, I still like to think I am not one of them. ūüėČ

But being apart of this generation is rough, and I sometimes hate this generation. Other times I feel bad for it. This post isn’t about how much I think we have already failed 2015, and how I am pretty upset at what people are going to remember us for…*yay twerking* ūüė¶ No, this post is an apology to ¬†the teenage girls of this generation, not an apology for something I have done, but an¬†apology for what society has done, and what society has said we are, and what they have made us.

Dear Girls,

First off, if you are twelve you are not a teenager. You have to be thirTEEN to pass as a teen. Notice twelve isn’t twoteen, twelveteen…no, it’s twelve, you are still a kid so enjoy that. Okay. Don’t take it for granted. You think being a teen is so great? It has it’s moments, but being twelve you still get away with childish things, so use that to your power! Okay, enough about the twelve year old’s…

Dear *teen* girls,

I am sorry that you think you are not beautiful. This world has a facade of what  beauty is. But beauty cannot be defined in one way, beauty is different to every person.
Some people see beauty in a rose, and others find the beauty in a dandelion.
I would rather be a dandelion, sure maybe not everybody would find me captivating, but I would know that the people that look upon me truly appreciate me for who I am.
But don’t feel bad if you are a rose, just don’t be a thorny one that hurts those that appreciate you, and I think the world will be a beautiful place.

I am sorry that you don’t¬†know true love. But I pray you do.
You see, love isn’t imagining what it would be like to date a member of your favorite band, or any of the MagCon boys, or any other boy you might be “obsessed” with.
It isn’t wondering what it would be like to have him kiss you, or…you know.
Because let’ face reality, is Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Luke Hemmings, Shawn Mendes, or Cameron Dallas really going to marry you? Should we spend our time becoming obsessed, and sexually attracted to a boy¬†that will never be with us? No and No.
As girls, we naturally wonder who are husbands will be, and what they will be like. We naturally think about what it’ll be like to be a wife. But in this world, we have somehow found a way to try to make ourselves feel secure in the arms of a boy¬†that is a million miles away, we try finding affection from a boy that says, “I love you” to a million other girls. We naturally get caught up in the chaos of young love,from the moment we heard them sing in our ears, or win our hearts in a six second video because your life might have been rough, but he made you laugh, feel beautiful, and feel an artificial love.
These guys might be nice in real life, you don’t know half the time, because the other half you have filled your heart with false expectations of who he is.
But this, this isn’t love. Love isn’t that one boy at school that says he loves you, but wants you to “show” him that you love him. You shouldn’t have to prove your love.
Love isn’t found in pictures or in bed, love isn’t some facade we have created in our heads. And I am so sorry that this is what you perceive¬†it as. Over the generations we have formed a selfish mindset, and I sadly see parents so self-absorbed that they didn’t care about their child, never bothered to tell their daughter she is beautiful.
Home…a place where you should learn what love is, is torn and tattered. The girl just wanting to feel wanted, even needed….so she tries to find love, to feel wanted either through a boy that doesn’t know she exists, or a boy that wants to use her.
But girls, I promise, there are nice guys. A guy that will show you true love, a love that won’t hurt you, a love that won’t take unless given to, a love that is pure, and lovely. A two way love, not just you and a wishful thinking fantasy, but a guy that loves you too. I am sorry that you feel that you have to give yourself away, for a half way love. I am sorry you don’t know what love is and maybe you never have.
But I hope someday you can say “I love you”, and he will say, “I love you ,too.”

I’m sorry that you live in a time where girls just don’t know how to be nice to other girls.
I’m sorry that every day is a competition.
I’m sorry that some days you feel like ending your life because you don’t meet up to society’s standards. But when society said, “be yourself” they didn’t’ realize there was somebody so unique, so creative, beautiful, funny, smart, kind, and compassionate, they didn’t realize somebody like YOU existed, and truth is…they all got jealous of you. Because¬†when they went to be themselves they all ended up like everybody else.

I am sorry. Simply because this world we live in isn’t real.

We’ve created a world that caters to one kind of teenage girl.
The Ugg wearing, Starbucks drinking, One Direction listening, messy bun wearing, obsessed with everything, girl.
And truth is…somebody thought it was so cute to be that kind of girl…¬†We thought that was cool so we all tried being that girl, to be apart of that world.
But that world is¬†full of false beauty, made up love, and invisible boundaries of who you should be.¬†I’m sorry that we live in a world where we can get everything we want when we want. And we have unrealistic expectations of what we deserve.I’m sorry that you can’t just like something anymore but you, “Literally die because you are ‘obsessed’ with it!”
This life, isn’t meant to be built of on these falsehoods.¬†Because that girl isn’t real. All of the sudden you can be imperfect…but you have to be THEIR kind of imperfect, and it’s not real.
Right now is the best time to be alive, but sadly we are caught up in taking that perfect selfie that we miss opportunities. I’m sorry you hide who are to look like everybody else. I wish you would be you. Because that dorky laugh, the freckles on your nose, your height, your weight, your acne, the way your hair never looks the same way twice, the way you sing, paint, dance, invent things, run, cheer, play soccer,¬†¬† the way you read a thousand books, the way you get an A+, the way you gloriously fail at things we didn’t even think you could, the way you fight, and laugh at your mistakes…that’s real. That’s you. That’s truly perfectly imperfect, and that’s okay.
Because I would rather live in a world with real imperfect girls, than in a world of the same kind of fake perfect girls.  

I’m sorry that this is the world we have created. And I hope we can change it. I hope you see you are beautiful, I hope you find real love, and find who you really are.
I hope you enjoy life.

And I’m sorry that you literally can’t even.


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